Behind the scenes at a writer’s retreat

Karen and Monique from Serenity Press — who will publish my first children’s picture book later this year — have just arrived back in WA after their inaugural Serenity Retreat, at a castle in Northern Ireland. Monique has written this blog post about their amazing experiences. Check out some of the stunning photos, too.


I’ve just arrived back in Perth after two whirlwind weeks in the United Kingdom: the first at the Serenity Press Retreat in Crom Castle, Northern Ireland; the second at the London Book Fair, representing Serenity Press (more on the book fair in my next post).

For me, the Serenity Press retreat was part of my job (not that I’m complaining about getting to work and sleep in a castle for a week). I was there with my Serenity Press hat on, and that involved getting up early to cook breakfasts, look after everyone in the castle, and lots of organising. Karen, my business partner, was amazing – she acted as driver and grocery shopper, in between being mum to her children who accompanied her to Ireland.

But, despite the long days, the retreat was much more than “just a job”. It was a memorable experience that started from the moment…

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